Talk To Andrea 


The strategy session that help you with one element of your business. 

Here we will strategize and speak on growing your business.

Transform Your Business

Is one of my favorites. 


Because we reconstruct the part of your business that seems to be faltering the foundation. It’s an intensive 2 hours of grinding it out


Passion Pusher Mastermind

How would you like to push your passion to the next level? This Passionate course is 8 weeks. 8 weeks of learning how to create and have a lucrative business. You will join like minded individuals that will also help and support your growth.


Elevate Your Foundation


To elevate you must be ready to be great.  This one on one program is tailored for the womenpreneur’s specific need.  This program is what I like to call my cocktail Strategy, Coaching, and Mindset all in one.