Andrea A. Moore is mindset and business Maven who helps women that are transitioning from a 9 to 5er to a successful entrepreneur.

Andrea knows the transition to well especially as a parent and a wife.  In 2001 she realized that she could no longer walk in someone else’s shadow and allow their dream to be her crutch.

This is when Andrea realized what her purpose and passion consistent of.  That is to see people walk in their journey and live on purpose.  She understood her passion and embraces each step.

Having to overcome fear of success, her quietness in her business, and giving her mindset power over her life allows her to coach, mentor, and consultant with many of women. 

My mission is to assist women who find themselves stuck at a professional crossroads. I believe that by helping them gain a better understanding of their journey as an entrepreneur, we can more clearly outline a path to success, help to define purpose and gain clarity on the direction of their business, as well as identify the possibilities of where their business can go!

I believe that it is not enough to speak greatness. You have to develop a routine that allows greatness to manifest daily. First internally, and then externally. Through the shifting of a mindset, some rebranding, and development of marketing strategies, we endeavor to take you and your business to the next level.

– Andrea A Moore

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